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The best coffee - which coffee is the best?

The best coffee

The best coffee does not exist. Depending on use and method of preparation of the coffee there are clear preferences.  There is something as a good or bad coffee or good or bad espresso coffee. The composition (or blend) or the way the coffee is grounded, the origins and treatment of the coffee bean are important factors. And last but not least: how you prepare your coffee!

Some coffee blends are less suited for espresso coffee, others are less suited for filter coffee. How do you use your coffee grinder (if any). And what is your personal coffee taste? In the general you create your own blend simply by experimenting with some help of of an expert of your coffee vendor. Be aware that the coffee is well packed and freshly roasted. Grind the coffee yourself as ground coffee will fast lose taste and flavor.

If you're a real coffee fan, you can roast your own coffee beans. There are several bean roasters available on the market for smaller portions (for private, home useage). The best coffee is consumed about a few days after roasting.

The best espresso coffee for the best espresso:

The best and most delicious espresso pods (ESE)
The best and most delicious beans for espresso coffee

The best and most delicious extra fine coffee for filter machines

The best and finest coffee beans for (quick) filter coffee

the best coffee