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coffee grinding: coffee grinding at home - all about grinding coffee

Coffee grinding at home.

Coffe grinding at home - coffee grinder at home - grinding coffee yourself - how te make a good coffee grind? - instructions for coffee grinding.
Coffee grinder for at home

Coffee grinding: despite good grinded and packed coffee you can buy, a fresh and fine coffee you should grind the coffee beans yourself. If possible, grind beans that are roasted freshly, that means a few days earlier.
To grind coffee, you need a coffee grinder of a certain quality.

There are cheap coffee grinders with fast rotating blades. Coffee grinded by these grinders (better coffee hackers) will give bad performance, coffee is not equally grinded and at local level temperature increases to much (which will effect the coffee quality). Please ignore these coffee grinders.

Grinding your coffee at home, what grinder do you need, what to take into account?

To grind coffee at home, you need a good coffee grinder. The best coffee grinders have large grinding wheels between which the beans are grinded. To realise a good grinding, it is also important that the grinding wheels rotate at low speed and therefor the engine has enough power.

Next it is important that the grinder grinds regularly and is preferable continuously adjustable for the fineness of the grind. This can go from coarse to (very) fine. For coffee with the cafetiere you need a coarse to medium grind, for espresso coffee (very) fine grind.

The grind fineness of the coffee bean is very important and differs for different characteristics of coffee beans, the roast and what coffee you want to make (for example filter coffee or espresso coffee) and even for different espresso / coffee machines. As for the coffee bean: think of differences in blends and humidity.

The finer the coffee beans are ground, the slower the water flows through the coffee and the higher the extraction of substances. If the water runs too slowly, the taste gets bitter if the water runs too fast than too few substances of grinded coffee are extracted.

You grind preferable coffee for each coffee serving, not leaving to many beans in the reservoir. Ground coffee exposed to the air oxidizes rapidly. After a few hours you can taste differences already. This is certain for espresso coffee, for filter coffee the differences are less.

Keep your grinder clean!

It is important that your grinding machine is cleaned on regular basis, also the inner parts as grinding wheels. Old coffee becomes  rancid and fat substances will stick to container and wheels. Some grinding machines spill less coffee (and will hold less coffee residues than others, which is also a thing to consider when buying a coffee grinder.

You can grind coffee yourself, but not cleaning will result later into a poor coffee. If you are not prepared to do some cleaning, better buy good and individually packaged espresso pods.

Fully automatich espresso machines, grinder on board

Fully automatic espresso machines have a grinder included in the espresso machine. Some of these machines have a automatic cleaning process, but not always for the grinding part of the machine. Check out!

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