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coffee tasting - coffee judging - how to taste and characterize coffee?

Coffee tasting - judging coffee

First: the taste of coffee is primary a personal thing. However to do a tasting and judgement yourself, some coffee tasting principles are advised. To meet the wide variety how coffee can taste, it is wise to pay attention  to the following elements of coffee tasting and characterization:

  • Taste of coffee: coffee can be wel characterizad as bitter, sour, salty, sweet, soft, spicy, neutral.
    In the roasting process of coffee caramel is formed which gives to some extent a sweet taste. Coffee will also have some acids. Without the acid a coffee tastes weak. Same applies to the bitternes. If extraction of coffee substances is too high a coffee will taste (very) bitter, that will dominate unpleasantly.
  • The aroma of the coffee: the aroma arises from the aromatic oils that are released with the roasting. The aroma also determines the taste. The aroma of coffee can be characterized by chocolaty, woody, nutty, like tobacco, smoky, flowery, fruity, spicy, rancid (hope not), earthy, spicy.
  • Fullness: volatile, full, persistent flavor.
  • General: tangy, sharp, powerful
  • Freshness: old or fresh

Thee Robusta coffee bean gives often a muffere and biting taste, while the Arabica coffee bean fruitier with a higher acidity.

How to taste coffee - method of tasting coffee

Would you like to taste different coffees please take in mind that different fineness of the grind is necesary and make sure there is no residue left behind from previous coffee (little grinding and disposal).

You can taste coffee very well adding hot water (close less to cooking temperature directly to about 10 grams of fine ground coffee. Steps for coffee tasting:

  • Rate first the freshly ground coffee (smell) and then
  • the contents of the cup (smelling, not stirred),
  • wait for2-3 minutes an smell again by taking some coffee with spoon. Sniff several times.
  • Slurp the spoon in a chewing motion (you get a better taste and aroma experience).
  • Taste again if the coffee is cooled down further.

It can be difficult to absorb all the flavors in once, you can repeat the process different times for different aspects of tasting.
Note after each step your comments and findings. Give after all a preference in general terms: what is your general verdict (pleasant/not pleasant)

Enjoy your coffee tasting!

coffee tasting - characterize coffee

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