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making caffe latte - making the best cafe latte at home - coffee latte

Making the best cafe latte at home - coffe latte

cafe latte - coffee latte homemade
cafe latte - coffee latte


Cafe latte - coffee latte

How to make a good cafe latte? A cafe latte is made from an espresso coffee (or coffee from the muka pod). Some use a percolator as well, we don't think you should use a perculator.

A tasty and good cafe latte has more milk than espresso coffee, best is 2/3 milk and 1/3 coffee.
For milk you use preferable a full fat milk as this will give a creamy
taste. You can heat the milk in pan or with steam pipe of the espresso machine.

A small milk foam layer is not neccesary but will give the cafe latte a more attractive look. Important is to serve your homemade cafe latte in a (heated) tall glass.

Enjoy your cafe latte!

making cafe latte - coffee late