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making espresso coffee - making the best espresso at home!

Making the best espresso coffee at home

How to make a perfect espresso? Practice en follow the instructions to make a good espresso coffee at home.
homemade espresso

How do you make a perfect espresso at home?

Of course, we expect you have some espresso making equipment at home. At first a coffee grinder. A perfect espresso can only be made with freshly grinded coffee beans with a good grinder. Even better is to use freshly roasted beans (some days old). Fresh grinding means grinding immediately before you make the coffee.

Second we espect you have an espresso machine. Preferably an espresso maker where you can set temperature as well. With that, lets continue and create a perfect homemade espresso coffee.

Steps to make a perfect espresso at home:

  1. Make sure the components you will use are clean and on temperature: the machine, the coffee group head (coffee holder), the espresso cup. Warm the infuser and group head / coffee holder by passing some hot water from the machine, but limit the amount of water to avoid a large temperature drop in boiler (if you have a boiler system). Of course your water reservoir is filled with fresh water.
  2. Make sure the espresso cup and coffee holder is dry.
  3. Be sure water temperature is between 93-96 oC (subject to machine and coffee bean).
  4. Grind the beans now (espresso roast!), the right amount is 7-9 grams, using no old residue. The fineness (fine to very fine) should be such that the turnaround time for an espresso is between 20-28 seconds (there are machines that a good espresso in 20 seconds, but also those that do 28 seconds for a 33 cc espresso coffee. This is subject to machine and to water temperature).
  5. Fill the coffee holder with grinded coffee and distribute the coffee evenly.
  6. Tamper the coffee. The pressure should be about 20-25 kg. Clean the edges.
  7. Place the coffee holder en let some drops of water go (pre fusion). Some espresso maker machines have automatic pre fusion, so coffee get moisted a bit.
  8. Let the water run a few seconds after last stap. Stop at 30cc espresso coffee. The pressure will go up to about 9 bars if done wright. The turnaround time is somewhere between 20 and 28 seconds.
    Do you have a weak espresso and bad crema? -> Too little extraction -> grind finer; turnaround goes up
    Do you ave biter espresso coffee? -> to much extraction -> grind less fine, turnaround goes down.

A good espresso has a solid layer of crema on top that will hold some time and of course tastes very well balanced. Drink an espresso immediately!

Practice and enjoy a homemade and perfect espresso!

making espresso at home