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roasting coffee at home: how to roast your own coffee - coffee roasting

Roasting coffee at home - roasting coffee yourself

Roasting coffee at home with coffee roaster

Coffee roasting: roasting coffee beans at home is good tot do. Nowadays, different coffee roasters are available for the home market. The coffee roasters to use at home are developed to roast coffee in smaller quantities. Most home coffee roasters have manual settings for time and temperature, very important to get a good roast. There are also fully automatic coffee roasters that you can use at home. These roasters have various standard programs for different types of roasts.

The roast of the coffee beans, depending on the bean and use, range from:

  • light roast coffee
  • medium dark roast (regular) coffee
  • dark / full roast - typical roast for espressso coffee

A dark roasting gives the strongest and most bitter taste. When roasting coffee you should especially care that the coffee is not combusted! So it is also important that you cool your roasted beans fast enough, as roasting continues after you stopped your roasting coffee machine.

Self roasting your coffee means experimenting. If the correct roast and roast settings have found no better coffee can obtained. The best time to grind and prepare your coffee or espresso is about 2-4 days after roasting, at that time the roasted coffee benas are on their best!

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roasting coffee at home