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Izzo coffee machines - Izzo espresso machines

Izzo coffee machines

Izzo espressomachine: Alex Duetto II

Gruppo Izzo constructs professional coffee machines, and since 1995 also for the home market.

Characteristic of an Izzo espresso coffee machine is that both the inside and outside consists of high-quality materials and components.

The inside of an Izzo coffee machine  is neatand orderly, well-mounted and easily accessible. All components of the Izzo espresso machine are of high quality.

Izzo is focusing on the best possible espresso coffee results. Izzo machines are standard equipped with a chrome plated brass E61 head. The machines are equipped with professional cranes and buttons and copper pipes.

In addition to one coffee machine for ESE servings, Izzo offers 3 coffee machines for the home market, the Vivo II Izzo, Izzo Alex II, Izzo AlexDuetto II

The Izzo Alex Duetto II coffee machine is very complete, and although slightly higher priced than other coffee machines we deal with it is worth its price.

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