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La Piccola coffee machine - La Piccola espresso machine

La Piccola coffee machines

La Piccola Celicia coffee machine

The La Piccola coffee machines are designed for espresso pods / coffee pods (the so-called ESE servings).

La Piccola coffee machines are adapted to these pads, they have a different structure of the nozzle and it is located very close to the heating element. So the termperature-management is very good; this results in a very good espresso coffee with a proper degree of extraction with a nice cream layer.

With the La Piccola espresso coffee machine it is easy to make a quick and  delicious espresso or cappuccino at high quality.

La Piccola supplies home coffee espresso machine in three different series:

- La Piccola Piccola espresso machine (the smallest)
- La Piccola Sara
- La Piccola Celicia

If you just want to use ESE coffee pads (many brands and flavors are available), then a la Piccola espresso coffee machine may be be the best deal!

La Piccola coffee machines