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La Nuova Era machines from Italy - La Nuova Era espresso machine

La Nuova Era machines

Espressomachines van Rocket. Afgebeeld de Rocket Cellini. Rocket: topkwaliteit espressomachines uit Italië.
Rocket Cellini espressomachine


Another beauty brand of espresso machines: espresso machines from Rocket. Incorporated by the founder of ECM and continued by his son. Rocket is a renowned and leading manufacturer of espresso machines. The Rocket Espresso machines guarantee quality and a solid finish.

Rocket Espresso machines are divided into three classes:

The Rocket Classic espresso machine
Solid-brewing machines with E61. Entry Models espresso machines at attractive rates. Basic model.

Rocket Premium espresso machines

Espresso Machines Rocket performance with luxury, including polished housing.

Evo rocket espresso machines

The top range of the Rocket espresso machines. Luxury and more professional espresso machine features like rotary pump (quiet and powerful) and double nanometers.


La Nuova Era espresso apparaat: La Nuova Era Cuadra II espresso machine
La Nuova Era Cuadra II espresso machine