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Coffee and health: is coffee is healthy or unhealthy?

Coffee and health

Coffee and health: is coffee is healthy or unhealthy? A cup of coffee contains hundreds of substances, from which we only partially know what impact they have on human health. Some substances have a positive impact, the other perhaps somewhat negative. We do not know much about the total impact of all ingredients especially in combination with other nutrients.

There have been many studies on the health effects of coffee, and sometimes they have contradicting outcomes.

In coffee is caffeine to which many good effects can be attributed to, but also less favorable effects. In filter coffee contains almost twice as much caffeine compared to espresso coffee. You might think espresso coffee would contain more caffeine. It is not the case. Are you sensitive to caffeine, please limit yourself to espresso coffee. In contrast, the filter will hold some other substances that are less good for your health. The hotter the water is, the more substances the coffee will release.

Coffee also contains many antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid that would possitively affect type 2 diabetes (which by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat is hand worked). Coffee would not only have an preventive effect on Alzheimer's disease, but even cure....

If you research the web you will discover more articles of the positive effects of coffee on health.

The fixed idea that coffee is unhealthy has never been demonstrated, in particular, that coffee would have an adverse effect on the development of cardiovascular disease.

We will not repeat or give a list of all investigations, on the Internet you will find quite a few articles on the effects of coffee on health (sometimes only tested on  mice). Sponsored sites by industry emphasise only the positive effects, while others are the more negative. It is clear that coffee will not always result in same effects to various people.

We are not convinced, nor in harmful effects, nor in positive effects of coffee on health. Like many things: enjoy your coffee or espresso, too many worries are bad for your health!

We will drink coffee in a minute, so we are happy anyway and one thing is for sure: happier people are healthier!