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blending coffee beans - making the best coffee blends

Coffee blending - making of the best coffee blending

A real delicious coffee can only produced by the judicious blending (melange) of coffee beans from different origins. Each coffee country, plantation, treatment of an individual harvest contributes to a different taste of the coffee.

It is an art to get a right blend of coffee beans. It is not only an art but also necessary. Consumers want consistent quality of their coffee and that they can be confident that a particular coffee they taste today, or tomorrow will have the same taste. This can be realised by blending different coffee beans.

The exact blend is an important step and the secret of the roaster. As one type of coffee bean can be tasted immediately in front of the mouth, the other type of roasted coffee bean has a heavy, full taste that  should be made lighter. Yet another one provides a complete aroma. There is the job of the blender to get a right blend. The blender tastes and blends and will taste again. It is quiet normal to blend 4 to 8 different coffees beans to get the right taste, aroma and flavor. 

Coffee is a product of mother nature. Each coffee harvest is different, and although the process can be highly mechanized there will always be quality differences. It is the same as with wine. Therefore the blender will adapt blends time over time so a constant quality and taste of the coffee is reached.

The blend is also customised for different purposes. Some coffees are excellent for espresso, others for filter.