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The coffee plant, berry and coffee bean

The coffee plant, berry and coffee bean

The coffee plant belongs to the woody plants. Wild coffee plants can be 10 to 15 meters high. The coffee plants for growing coffee are pruned and are not greater than 1.5 to 3 meters so they are easier to harvest. Coffee plants have about 5 years to grow before they can deliver a good harvest.
The flowers of the coffee plant have five petals. Flower buds develop after rainfall. The flower is the basis for the coffee bean that is formed. The berry (fruit) are formed after flowering, in the berries develop 2 seeds: the coffee beans.
The fruit is a berry fruit, containing two seeds develop: the coffee beans. The coffee beans are then formed in the berry.

The coffee plant and environment

The coffee plant grows best in a warm tropical climate. The original coffee plant thrives in a slightly shaded area between fruit trees (banana). By intensivisering and growth in the demand for coffee, more and more varieties have been cultivated that are suitable for more monocultures and that are more resistant against the sun.

Ripe berries and coffee beans

The berries are ripe if they are red to purple red. At that time the coffee beans are mature. The berries are ready to be picked and the coffee bean can then be extracted from the berry for further processing.