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coffee plant, coffee plantations and coffee farmers

coffee plantations

The traditional Coffee Plantations are located in a wooded area with plenty of shade. The coffee plants grow well between shade trees. Shade trees are important, not only to the coffee plants to shield from the sun, but also to the coffee pickers to provide the necessary cooling.

In traditional coffee plantations the entire communities are involved, having farmers with different specialties. Some farmers specialize in seed and early development of the coffee plant. When the coffee plant is well grown, they are moved to the coffee plantation. These coffee plantations are often in owned by the coffee producers.As result of the steep rise in demand for coffee in the second half of the last century many monoculture coffee plantations were established in full sun. This is  called intensive coffee cultivation. The proceeds of these plantations are greater. Although the quality would be less, since early days a lot is changed, so even the sun coffee beans produce a good coffee quality.

For the local biosystem the traditionally coffee plantations are better but obviously more laborious and more susceptible to mold and diseases. The traditonal coffee plantations are better embedded in the local culture and community.