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Coffee hallmarks: EKO - Fairtrade - UTZ coffee labels

EKO coffee

Eko coffee - Eko coffee beans - Eko coffee hallmark - Eko label

The EKO label for coffee means that the coffee beans have been grown without fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives. EKO coffee with the EKO hallmark is with great certainty grown fully organically. The market share of EKO coffee is growing slowly but certainly. Not only more and more companies and government agencies are switching to EKO coffee, also consumers discovered the EKO coffee.

Fairtrade coffee

fairtrade coffee - fairtrade coffee beans - fairtrade coffee hallmark - fair trade coffee label

Max Havelaar is the independent owner of the Fairtrade Mark. Coffee with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade mark are produced and traded under fair conditions. Max Havelaar Fairtrade coffee is not a coffee brand but a coffee label.

The Max Havelaar Fairtrade coffee label guarantees consumers that the coffee they buy is purchased under fair trade conditions from farmer organizations and coffee producers in developing countries. These organizations consist of groups of small farmers who have come together to create a better position and prices in the market. If you want to have a fairtrade label you will have to meet to number of permanent social and environmental standards. These standard deal with useage of  soil, water, air and biodiversity. Fairtrade coffee is not necessarily organic coffee.

UTZ coffee

UTZ coffee - UTZ coffee beans - UTZ coffee hallmark

The criteria of the UTZ Certified coffee are more or less similar to that of the Max Havelaar Fairtrade coffee.



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