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organic coffee - organically grown coffee beans

Organic coffee - organically grown coffee beans

What is organic coffee or what are organically grown coffee beans?

  1. In the first place, organically grown coffee process no chemical fertilizer is used. Organic compost is used as fertilizer which is primarily derived from the leaves and prunings from the shadow trees and animal excrement.
  2. In organic coffee, no (chemical) pesticides and insecticides used. Insects and disease are naturally contested instead of chemicals. This is not insignificant for farmers and workers health and you as well need not be afraid of residues of chemicals in your coffee. Weeds are removed manually.
  3. The coffee plant grows as much as possible in its natural environment / habitat and resources: shade trees and natural leaves will cover the ground to control sunlight and moisture which is essential for good coffee beans.
  4. New plantings of organically grown coffee plants is executed by seeding instead of cuttings. Waste is buried and restores the necessary nutrients for future coffee beans. The soil is fed again in a natural manner.

Organic grown coffee tastes not necessarily better, but undeniably the biological production process is less harmful to environment and human being!
Therefore, we can't stress enough you should by organic coffee if possible.

Coffee with the EKO label is by principle organic, but  there is more organically grown coffee even without EKO label.

We certainly recommend organic coffee!


Organic coffee - organically grown coffee beans