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packaging and storage of coffee

Packaging coffee

Whether the coffee is ground or not, proper coffee packaging is important to maintain the taste, aroma, color and odor. Without good packaging the air (oxygen) and moisture will detoriate the coffee beans or grounded coffee very fast. This applies even more for grounded coffee as the oxidation is faster because the larger surface.

Besides vacuum packs you will also find air tight packed coffee with a valve. This (one way) valve lets the natural CO2 from the grounded coffee escape from the package without the oxygen from the outside go in.Of course it is inevitable you will lose some flavor, but it is stressed coffee should immediately be packed after grinding. The aroma of the coffee will be better preserved. On a package is often one year shelf life indicated.

Not airtight or vacuum-packed coffee beans from the small (local) roaster should be  consumed within one month. Grounded coffee can only be kept for about 2 week. The flavor of the coffee will change quickly.

For catering and professional purposes, the coffee is often stored in nickel plated steel cans in which an inert gas is inserted to keep stability of the coffee for a long time. Also for consumers canned coffee is available.

Once the container is opened, oxidation of the coffee will start soon. The coffee will get rancid, sour or musty-woody. It is very well possible to freeze coffee, but we think the effect is a bit exaggerated. You can do this if you want to create very special coffee stocks that are not easy available.

There are many coffee shops where you can get good coffee blends, in smaller and larger amounts. More often coffee is roasted instore. Please grind the coffee beans yourself! It will improve the quality of your coffee considerably!