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Selection, sorting and separating coffee beans - selection of coffee beans

Selection and sorting the coffee beans

After the coffee beans are peeled the coffee beans are sorted and separated. Sorting of the beans is done on size and density. Bigger and heavier beans will result to the best coffee flavor.

With a sieve the beans are first sorted by size. The so called Class AA coffee beans belong to the larger and better class. Bad beans are removed, such as damaged beans or dried beans. With the aid of gravity and air the coffee beans are now sorted to density.

With the pneumatic method which is a manual process, the coffee beans will be separated from each other with a blast of air. There is also a machinery method by which the beans are separated also by an air flow. Automated processing is faster and provides more consistent quality!

Finally, the remaining and residing bad beans are again removed.

Possible further sorting takes place by color.

The coffee beans have no coffee flavor. Only when the coffee beans are roasted they get their taste and flavor!

Coffee bean roasting is a precise work, and it is therefore important that the coffee beans in the roasting process are as equal as possible. Smaller beans roast faster and beans of a different color will likely have had a different drying process that influences also the speed of roasting.