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Coffee at the office or company

Koffiemachines en koffieautomaten voor op kantoor en bedrijf. Koffieautomaten voor de zakelijke markt.
koffiemachine op kantoor

Are you looking for coffee (vending) machines or coffee machines at the office or at your company or are you looking for a (new) coffee supplier?

In that case, do a check on the different suppliers of coffee machines and coffee and check their bids and proposals. Depending on the coffee consumption that offer may vary a lot.

There are many different types of coffee machines depending on your preference and specific situation. Also you will have to choose what sorts of coffee you would like to offer at your office or company. Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate etc?

In base first the number of people that will use the coffee machine determines which kind of coffee machine suits best.

Regardless of the type of coffee it is also important to view the total contract. There are coffee machine suppliers who supply the coffee and the coffee machine, or separate suppliers. Sometimes maintenance is included and you will get the machines nearly for free, but the coffee is more expensive. How many years are you under contract? What do you pay if you want to switch from coffee supplier/vendor.

Of course, it's all about balancing the supply, service and impact of volume. It is advised to make different calculations for different volumes. All that counts is the total costs compared to the quality of the coffee and the sensitivity to volume changes.

The coffee contracts offer various forms of flexibility (or not). Be aware a coffee or coffee machine supplier contract is often for a period of 3 to 5 years.

For the business part we will soon open a separate site. 

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