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Making coffee: how to prepare a good coffee? Preparation methods for making coffee. Become a home barista and enjoy your coffee!

Making coffee: How to make good coffee?

koffie maken koffie bereiden
making coffee!


How do you prepare or make good coffee? There are several preparation methods for coffee and each different coffee preparation methoad has a different character in coffee as result. The aroma and taste sensation will vary considerably.

Ten year ago a filter coffee was regular even we accepted coffee from an instant coffee (machine), now espresso (freshly ground), cappuccino, caffe latte, macchiato coffee and other coffees rank the list.

It is not to us how someone likes to drink his/her coffee as long as the coffee is freshly made of course! The quality of the coffee has substantially increased over the last decades. Even the quality level of well-packaged coffee capsules increased.

For the home baristas a lot of coffee related equipment and tools have come available even at competetive rates. Think about very good espresso machines for the home market, not inferior to the professional espresso machines. Of course  smaller in size, but who cares (if you are not a restaurant, why should you have such a machine?). It is even possible to buy home roasters. Be aware that although not complicated, a coffee machine or coffee maker requires relatively much care to maintain the quality of your coffee.

In this section we present you several ways of making a coffee and the right principles and procedures for each particular way of coffee making.

Enjoy your coffee!

Methods how to make good coffee