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cappuccino coffee Bialetti Mukka Express - Mukka Express coffee cappuccino

Bialetti Mukka Express cappuccino coffee

Cappuccino with Bialetti

Bialetti Mukka Express: een bijzonder koffiepotje waarbij u de koffie en de melk - voor een cappuccino of koffie verkeerd - in hetzelfde koffiepotje bereid. Koffiepotje met warme melkbereiding.
Bialetti Mukka Express - koffiepotje met melkbereiding

The Bialetti Mukka Express

A special coffee pot, the Bialetti Mukka Express. With this coffee pot it is possible to prepare the coffee and milk for a cappuccino at the same time in one operation.

The principle of the Bialetti Mukka Express is based on the regular Bialetti coffee pots, but there is also a kind of nozzle installed that you can use for making cappuccino or coffee latte. You can opt for a cappuccino or a latte.

How to use the Bialetti Mukka Express

For a cappuccino or latte you place the nozzle or valve in the upper part. The nozzle can have 2 positions: one for cappuccino and the other one for a coffee latte. After you add in the coffee and water in the lower part, you can add milk in the upper part. Put the Bialetti Mukka Express on the fire the fire and the coffee (cuppuccino or latte) will be made automatically.

Cappuccino or latte from the Bialetti Mukka Express

The idea is nice, but how are the results? Well the the foam/collar of the cappuccino is not more than decent, and certainly not as good as if you would do it by hand, but better than we expected. The taste is average, but difficult to say it is a cappuccino. The temperature is not as high as a cappuccino made by hand, yes we use milk from the cooler.

Cleaning the Bialetti Mukka Express

Cleaning the Bialette Mukke Express is not easy especially as the milk residues are difficult to remove. We stopped using the Mukka Express for this reason!

Varianten van het koffie- cappuccino potje Bialetti Muka express. Koffiepotje om ook cappuccino of een koffie latte (koffie verkeerd) te bereiden.
Serie Bialetti Muka Express