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Cafetiere: making fine coffee with the cafetiere - cafetiere coffee

Coffee with the cafetiere

Making coffee with the cafetière. Cafetière coffee. A Cafetière. Press Pot
Cafetière - Press Pot

Cafetiere: the cafetiere is a glass cylinder, mounted in a holder of brass, stainless steel or hard plastic. The filter consists of a fine metal, attached thereto a rod.

Making fine coffee with the Cafetière (instruction)

  1. Remove the piston from the can.
  2. Heat the glass cylinder of the Cafetière and dry it. NEVER FOGET THIS.
  3. Ground coffee beans medium size and put 6 tablespoons in glass cylinder for 500 ml coffee
  4. Pour the water (just off the boiling) on the dry coffee and stir well (be careful not to break the glass!)
  5. Wait 2-3 minutes so the water can extract the coffee substances
  6. Now press the filter down gently so that the coffee is separated from the grounded coffee residues.

With the Cafetiere almost all flavor is extracted, but you will always keep som solid particles in the (coffee coffee dust). You will get a tasty and delicious coffee in return! Consume immediately! Enjoy your caffetiere coffee.

Buying a cafetiere

Many different cafetieres are sold. The cafetieres differ in sizes and material. When purchasing a Cafetière take care on the following matters:

  • Does the filter seal the glass enough (no open spaces?). A stainless steel filter sieve is usually better.
  • Is the filter sold separately or do you need to buy a new cafetiere. In general al filter will fray during useage.
  • Is the cylinder sold separately? A cafetiere is quite fragile. Look at thickness of glass and how the handle is constructed.

Congratulations: enjoy your cafetiere and your cafetiere coffee!

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