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Coffee pods - ESE pods - Espresso servings

ESE easy serving espresso packed (Easy Espresso Serving coffee). Making an espresso coffee with ease using an ESE coffee pod.
ESE espresso coffee servings
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What are coffee pods?

Coffee pods are pre-packaged coffee servings with ground coffee beans in their own filter. Making coffee or espresso with a coffee pod is easy and clean!

Philips made a major breakthrough with its Senseo coffee machine with the use of coffee pods in the home market. Using own developed coffee pods with a simpele, attractive and well priced coffee machine led to a commercial success.

On the higher end of market Nespresso came in with their coffee machine with their own patented coffee capsules.

For general market the ESE coffee pods are available. ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso and fit to all ESE certificied coffee machines. ESE pods are used to brew a high quality of espresso. The ESE pos is 44-45 mm in diameter and holds 7-9 gr of finely ground espresso coffee and is designed to be used under high pressure in an espresso coffee machine.
It is not that all espresso machines can handle an ESE pods without an ESE portafilter. A wide range of ESE suitable espresso coffee machines are available, and for the E61 grouphead specific portafilters are available to mach the ESE serving.

As demand for quality increased, nowadays the better coffee pods are well packed (one for one) in packaging that protects for light and oxygin influences. 

As coffee pods are commonly used now a wide range of lavor types are available.  

Making (Espresso) coffee with Coffee pods

Disregarding the Sense coffee pods, the quality of the better coffee pods, coffee capsules and ESE servings is high, and used in a proper coffee machine resulting to a fine, good coffee or espresso. It can match own prepared and freshly grind coffee although the real barista or more experienced coffee maker will make a better coffee or espresso.
The main advantage of using coffee pods for making (espresso) coffee is that it is clean and easy with a predictable quality. A single serving is more expensive than making your own coffee, but don't forget the cost of equipment as a coffee grinder.