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Coffee with the espresso machine - making espresso coffee with espresso machine

Espresso coffee - making espresso coffee with the espresso machine

The use of espresso coffee has increased enormously in recent years. Not only in the smaller hospitality industry where regular coffee makers were replaced by espresso coffee machines, also in home market to use of (near) espresso machine rose significantly.

Espresso coffee is prepared per serving so the coffee is always freshly made, ready to be consumed immediately.


Principle of an espresso coffee machine

The principle of an espresso machine is simple: by using hot water under high pressure, the sugars, proteins, fats and other substances from the coffee grind is dissolved in the water.

Making a good espresso coffee with the espresso coffee machine

Besides the use of good, freshly grinded coffee the recipe for a good espresso is: the right fineness of the grinder to meet the ideal turnaround time for an espresso coffee, which is  20 to 30 seconds for an espresso coffee serving of about 30 cc.

The pressure of an espresso machine is usually around 9 bar, the water temperature is about 90-95 °C and the amount of coffee is 7-9 grams for a 30 cc serving, which is pressed into the filter holder under a pressure of 20-25 kg.
Having these factors in place, the ideal fineness for the grinded coffee should be determined to have the 20-30 seconds turnaround time. Based on many espresso coffee tastings:

  • Under the 20 seconds extraction is to low. The espresso coffee will have little flavor, little taste and certainly no strong aftertaste. The crema layer is too light and has large bubbles.
    -> Your coffee grind is too coarse
  • Above 30 seconds there is over extraction. The taste is bitter and the fine aromas are gone. The crema layer is dark and brown and will show holes quickly.
    -> Your coffee grind is too fine.

Please use always freshly ground coffee!

Ground coffee oxidizes very quickly. With espresso coffee you will notice this  immediately. Ideally you use the grinder at each serving. Use a good coffee grinder (more elsewhere) that you frequently clean. Coffee contains fat substances and the fats become rancid. Moreover, the homogeneity of the grind is affected. You will also need to clean your espresso machine on regular basis.

Using a coffee grinder or ready made coffee servings?

Of course we say that using fresh coffee and a good quality grinder will give best results (if you do it right) also because we like to do it!
If you can't give as much attention to the making of a good espresso coffee, remember that you can use readymade servings many of which are of good quality. These are also called 'espresso servings' = ESE pods. ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso.

Nowadays a lot of good quality ESE pods are available in all sorts of taste sensations. Disadvantage is that a bit of the flavor and aroma is lost to the filter, however if the ESE pods are made under optimal conditions and well composed / freshly packed, the result is often much better than you would achieved by doing it yourself. Moreover, it is easy.

Read more about how to make the best espresso coffee yourself.

espresso coffee with the espresso machine

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