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Coffee freshness tips: how to keep coffee fresh? Storing coffee beans

Freshness tips coffee - how to store coffee to keep it fresh?

Coffee oxidizes quickly especially ground coffee. Left open, ground coffee will oxidize and change within hours. Coffee should be used fresh. The best coffee you can get is freshly roasted and grinded. A fresh roast is about 3 days old. At that time flavor and coffee substances of the roasted coffee is at its best. You grind your coffee directly before use. It is not likely you will have always fresh roasted coffee beans available. Even at the coffee specialty store the roast coffee is regularly older than a few days.

How to keep your coffee beans fresh, how to store your coffee beans

  1. buy smaller quantities of coffee and grind them yourself.
    Coffee beans are easier to keep fresh than ground coffee. So preferably invest in a good grinder. It is at least as important as buying a good coffee machine.

  2. Factory Packaged coffee is packed under controlled conditions, where the closed package will protect the coffee from oxygen and light. So if you buy coffee be sure it is well packed.

  3. After opening always minimise the exposure froma air/oxygen to the coffee.

  4. After opening, use the original packaging (if possible) and seal it again after use immediately. You can use elastiek. Store the coffee in dark! If original packaging can not be used, use ziplock freezer bags and minimize closed in air.
  5. Store coffee bags in the refrigerator or at other colder place. Freezing will keep the beans fresh longer (only beans! and for darker roast in less recommended).

  6. Storing in a jar or tin is less useful, after each use, more air will be in the jar to effect the coffee. A sealed bag in a jar or tin is fine.

Coffee freshness tips, how to store coffee to keep it fresh?