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Handpresso coffee - making coffee with the Handpresso

Handpresso coffee - making espresso coffee with the Handpresso

Handpresso espresso coffee making
Making espresso coffee with the Handpresso


The Handpresso is a Danish product and is operated by muscles. The Handpresso is a very handy and compact espresso maker that works with a small integrated manual operated pump. With that pump yoou build up the pressure needed for an espresso coffee. The Handpresso is a useful product for the travelers (boat, camping etc) among us.

The Handpresso works with ESE pods, of which enough are available on market. The quality of the espresso from the Handpresso is pretty good. In our view, the quality of a real machine espesso is not equaled, but the result is not bad at all.

The Handpresso is a fun and useful gadget for the travelers among us.