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making coffee macchiato - espresso macchiato coffee - enjoying macchiato

Making coffee Macchiato - how to make a coffee or espresso Macchiato?

coffee macchiato - espresso macchiato

What is coffee Macchiato?

Actual the name coffee Macchiato is used for 2 different coffees. A Macchiato with cold milk or hot milk on the bottom. A coffee Macchiato consists of several layers milk and espresso.

How to make coffee or espresso Macchiato

Macchiato with cold milk bottom: this is the easiest variant to prepare. This Macchiato is made from espresso coffee (30 cl), hot frothed milk (30 cl) and cold milk (15 cl). To have a full glass use double quantities.

First pour the cold milk into a glass, after that add the frothed milk with foam carefully. In principle, this milk layer will float above the cold milk layer. After this,  carefully add the espresso. The espresso will mix with the hot milk.  The result is a beautiful coffee macchiato.

Macchiato with warm milk at the bottom: the ratio frothed milk and espresso iis approximately 1:1. Pour about 1/3 of the hot milk (without foam) into the glass and add a foam layer to it. Now add very carefully the espresso. The espresso will slowly sink down, but the lower part remains almost white. This gives you a nice coffee macchiato getting to the upwards darker, amd topped with a nice white foam. Important is to add the espresse very gently.

Enjoy your espresso coffee Macchiato!