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Coffee with the Percolator - percolator coffee - making coffee with percolator

Making coffee with the Percolator - Percolator coffee

Percolator: koffie zetten met de percolator. koffie bereiden met de percolator


The Percolator

The percolator. The percolator exists from the beginning of the last century. The principle of the percolator is largely similar to that of the espresso coffee pot (also called the mokka pot), but is there is an important difference.

Working of the percolator:

As the water boils the water is pushed through a tube from the bottom to the top and flows - dropwise - through a perforated lid/filter back down passing the grounded coffee. This process is repeated several times as coffee water will come up again. Use medium grind, rather rougher than finer.

With the percolator one should take care the process repeats not to often. So, timely put off the fire!

Difference to mokka pot

Unlike the coffee pot - mokka pot, the percolator cycles the water several times. Besides that coffee water is boiling, which does not contribute to the quality of the coffee. We think the traditiona percolator coffee is significantly lower in quality than coffee made by the mokka pot.