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Coffee with the Senseo Sarista - Senseo Sarista coffee making

Coffee making with Senseo Sarista

Senseo Sarista coffee maker

The Senseo Sarista, the successful successor of the Senseo coffee pod? The Senseo Sarista is launched on market in September 2012. According to Douwe Egberts this should be a money making successor of the earlier Senseo coffeepod makers.

What is different about the Senseo Sarista?

The Senseo Sarista uses with freshly ground coffee beans. The principle it that you use containers (coffee containers, funnels called) with fresh beans, which are now available in 6 flavors. With a container 20 cups of coffee can be made.
The Sarista has very little to do with the previous generation Senseo devices.

Because the Senseo Sarista coffee maker grinds coffee itself, the infuser is larger and therefore the device. The Sarista infuser looks fine from contstruction point of view. Important is that the Sarista uses fresh grinded coffee. One of the major advantages is that the strength of the coffee is adjustable, as well as the amount of coffee (1 or 2 cups).

Working with the Sarista coffee containers is simple, you can exchange eacht time without spilling or loss of beans. The more expensive version Sarista is supplie with a thermos.

There are a few minor drawbacks: the water waste reservoir is small (like the previous Senseo machines) and the infuser must be regularly lubricated with a special lubricant. The Sarista container can only be used once.

How is the coffee from the Senseo Sarista?

Note Senseo Sarista is more like a regular coffee (brewed coffee per cup) and it is definitely not an espresso machine. Therefore, the pressure is too low. With this in mind the coffee tastes very agerage to fine and certainly better than the old Senseo coffee. The temperature is somewhat on the low side, especially the first cup.

Price and cost Senseo Sarista

The basic version of the Senseo Sarista costs € 249 and the extended version € 289 (discounts not taken in consideration). A coffee funnel (container) costs € 4.80, which is per cup of coffee € 0.24. More expensive than the old Senseo pods, but for that you get a lot better coffee.

Senseo Sarista coffee funnels (coffee containers)

Making coffee with the Senseo Sarista