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filter coffee - coffee by filter - filter coffee machines or making filter coffee by hand

Coffee with filter

Braun Aromaster Classic Coffee Maker

The oldest way of making coffee is the Arabic or Turkish way: water is poured directly onto the grounded coffee and one waits until the grounded coffee has sunk before drinking the coffee.

In the Western and Northern part of Europe, we do not like a cloudy brew coffee. We want clean, pure, no ground beans in our mouth.
So we started filtering our coffee.

Our grandmothers used a filter bag. Nowadays we do it with a paper filter. 


Filter coffee by hand:

  • Place the coffee filter holder wedge on top of the can.
  • Grind coffee medium to fine and fill filter shake it gently to distribute the coffee. (if you make a strong coffee: coffee can be diluted later).
  • Pour the water (boiled and cooled down to about 95 ° C) gradually and evenly over the coffee over the entire surface, with small quantities. Start in center and distribute in circles. The coffee needs first to soak some water. If you add to much/fast water at start the water will not extract the aroma as the water will too quickly go throug.
  • Stir and serve the coffee immediately. A thermos can, but not too long.

You get a clear medium-hot coffee. The paper filter absorbs the natural oils of coffee somewhat. For delicate stomachs and cholesterol sensitive people this is a bonus, for the purists not of course as also some of the flavor is lost.

The filter coffee machine:

There are many filter coffee machines on the market in as many different qualitiesThe general advantage over filter coffee machines instead of making coffee by hand, is that the coffee machine (in general will give a steady, constant stream of water (don't forget to descale your machine and clean it on a regular basis).

When purchasing a filter coffee machine, consider:

  • The capacity (normally needed). A large capacity machine will deliver bad filter coffee if you want a small quantity.
  • The power: the temperature of the water should be above 92o C, preferably 95o C, and it should be as constant as possible. In general this requires some power. Coffee should be ready in 3-5 minutes.

Drink immediate! Coffee left on the hot plate will lose taste and quality fast. So don't order coffee if one advertises with 'the coffee is ready'!