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Making a Barista espresso coffee: What do you need for making a good espresso?

Making an espresso as a Barista - espresso making - preparing fine espresso coffee at home - what do I need for making espresso?


Making espresso as a Barista. What do you need for making a good espreso?

To make a good coffee, as a Barista, you need:

  1. An espresso machine
    In our section best espresso machines we have listed good espresso coffee machines. A barista will prefer a machine with a E61 group head.
    For about € 1.500, - you can will have a real quality and good looking espresso machine at home.

  2. A quality coffee grinder
    Important is that you have available enough grinding levels, and that the grinder can deliver homogeneous grind. An espresso needs fine grind. As from about € 250, - you can buy a good coffee grinder. See also: coffee grinders.

  3. A coffee Tamper
    Needed to press the coffee in the coffee holder (at 20-25 kg). As from € 30

  4. Some espresso glass cups
    Allows you to practice for a good crema layer and tasting. Preferably have a 30 cc mark (which is one espresso serving).

  5. Espresso Cups and saucers
    Specifically for espresso, small preferably porcelain

  6. (Different sizes) stainless stel milk jugs (& spoon)
    For cappuccino and practicing the "latte art" preferable with a pointed spout or rounded edge. As from € 25

  7. Coffee waste tray (stainless steel)
    To get rid of old coffee servings. (drawer type about € 100)

  8. Milk Thermometer
    For the measurement of the temperature of the milk for cappuccino or coffee latte. (€ 15)

  9. Cloths, towels, wipes
    Different fabrics: for cleaning nozzle, steam pipe, to dry the hot espresso cups, clean your hands. Keep it clean.

  10. Practice, good mood, attention and dedication!
    € 0,-

NOT TO FORGET: fresh roasted espresso coffee beans (various) and milk and fresh water.

Enjoy your selfmade espresso or cappuccino!

Making espresso cappuccino yourself: Milk Jug
Making espresso cappuccino: milk jug
Tamper: press for your espresso coffee
Waste tray for used espresso coffee
Waste tray for espresso coffee

Making espresso or cappuccino! What do you need, being your own Barista?