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Coffee with the Moka Pot - Moka Pot coffee - Making coffee with the Moka Pot

Making coffee with the Moka Pot - Moka Pot coffe

Koffiepotje: koffie zetten met het koffiepotje. koffie bereiden met het koffiepotje


The Moka Pot

The coffee pot has been around a long time. In every Italian household you will more of them. A Moka Pot is a simple coffee maker, that does not need a lot of maintenance or attention. The principle of the Moka Pot coffee making process is simple and is based on water pressure. Coffee from the moka pod could be used well for a cappuccino. Read more about making cappuccino

Working of the Moka Pot

The filter part of the Moka Pot is filled with fine grounded coffee. The lower part with water. Put the Moka Pot on the stove or heater. At the moment the water boils, the water is pushed upwards (through small tube) and will pass the grounded coffee and further pushed upwards to end in the upper reservoir. An easier way to make an espresso stylish coffee does not exist.

Useage of the Moka Pot

As described above the useage is quiet simple. Be aware that you keep the fire low. Avoid that the flames heat the outer of the Moka Pot and the coffee in the upper part starts to boil. You can experiment with different quantities of coffee and different fineness of grounding.

Stainless steel or aluminum coffee Moka pots?

Moka Pots are available in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel has the advantage that it hardly oxidises; aluminium will oxidise but is protected afterwards for further oxidising. Furthermore, the thermal conductivity of a stainless steel coffee pot less, so most likely the upper part of the Moka Pot will not get too hot.
Aluminum Moka Pots work fine too, but will get a gray oxidation layer. It looks less, but there is no impact on flavor.
That you get coffee with aluminum is a myth. Maybe the first few times and after thorough cleaning.

Maintenance and cleaning the Moka Pot

The oxidation layer is protective. Simple wash it. Leave it gray and don't worry the coffee residues to much. If you clean to hard (aluminum is soft) you will remove the protective layer and oxidation starts again. Occasionally clean thoroughly.
With a stainless steel you can clean ofter thoroughly.

The Moka Pot, sounds like slow coffee!

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