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coffee capsules Nespresso: making coffee from Nespresso coffee capsules

Nespresso coffee capsules

Nespresso: with a Nespresso coffee machine and Nespresso coffee capsules it is easy to make a nice espresso coffee. The use of the Nespresso coffee capsules is easy and clean and don't require a lot of instructions or manual operations.
Nespresso coffee machine with Nespresso coffee capsules

Nespresso has grown well in recent years and created its own position on the homemarket for espresso coffee and coffee machines. As the profit is not necessarily in the machine alone, Nespresso created their own Nespresso coffee capsules.

Nespresso coffee capsules

The Nespresso coffee capsules are made well. The grinded coffee is sealed very well and oxidisation is minimised. The coffee is of high quality.
Nespresso coffee capsules are available in 16 flavors. The Nespresso capsules are patented and protected, so it is not possible to buy other capsules except the Nespresso coffee capsules. Using the Nespresso machine and their Nespresso coffee capsules is rather easy.

Making coffee with Nespresso has nothing to do with being a barista, however Nespresso coffee quality is very acceptible to high. If you don't want to spend time on making a espresso coffee and if you are prepared to pay a bit more for the Nespresso coffee capsules (compared to other coffee pods), don;t mind using one of the 16 flavors, using Nespresso is not a bad idea.