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Slow Coffee is back! Slow coffee is filter coffee with care.

Making slow coffee

Making Slow coffee! What is slow coffee? Something new? No slow coffee is filter coffee, but with care! Slow coffee is trending as alternative to the espresso and cappuccino coffee. Slow coffee is hand made.

What is slow coffee?

Slow coffee is coffee made by filter, preferable per cup, using fresh grounded beans, small quantities of water and made by hand. Could you make slow coffee with a filter coffee maker? We think you can, but that is not the idea if we talk about slow coffee. Slow coffee is made with care and by hand. Love and enjoy the things you do and the coffee will taste better.

Nothing wrong with espresso coffee or using a coffee maker, nothing wrong with slow coffee. It is just a different way of making coffee and resulting in different characteristics of the coffee.

For making a good slow coffee it is important that hot water is given enough time to extract all flavor and taste from the coffee beans. Sounds logical and it is just like it is.

Remember how the barista's taste coffee: they just put hot water over the fresh grounded coffee, pour and wait a moment before tasting

Making slow coffee & products

Meanwhile, there are several products on the market for making a delicious slow coffee for 1 or 2 persons. For example:

Take your time and enjoy your fresly made slow coffee!