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Making slow Coffee with the Hario Syphon coffee maker.

Slow koffie with the Hario Syphon!

Hario Syphon coffee maker


Slow coffee with Hario Syphon coffee maker!

An old method new introduced: The Hario Syphon. The Hario Syphon is a coffee maker by which the water is boiled with a burner. The hot water will be pushed upwards and pass the grounded coffee. If the flame is turned off, the coffee will be pulled down again (by the vacuum created) end up in the lower part while the coffee dregs will stay above. The coffee is ready to serve!

The coffee tastes great and the hot water has been able to extract the neccessary substances from the coffee.

Making coffee with the Hario Syphon coffee maker is quite a spectacle.

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