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Slow Coffee with Hario. Consider the Hario V60 filterholder or the Hario Buono kettle

Slow coffee with Hario

Hario V60 ceramic filter holder or filter dripper


Slow coffee with Hario! You can do this with the Hario filter holder V series, such as the Hario V 60.

The Hario V60 coffee filter dripper is suitable for brewing one to two cups of coffee.
The Hario V 60 is available in various designs and materials. From plastic, glass to ceramic. The Hario filter holder (or dripper) is characterized by a relatively large hole. By the internal constructed spiral the water will flow and the water drops down slowly.

The art of brewing a delicious filter coffee is to ensure that the coffee soak water first. For this you provide a limited amount of hot water to the coffee give this a 20 seconds to withdraw. After that you donate circularly from the center new water. Do this in limited quantities and give the water time to achieve a good extraction.

Of course there are also corresponding Hario V filters.

Hario also has a very nice kettle with a long spout. With this excellent kettle making a nice coffee could not go wrong. The kettle is called the Hario Buono. In the Hario Buono is a 1 liter kettle and will cost about € 45.

Hario Buono kettle


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