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Slow Coffee with the Sowden Softbrew. Sowden developed the Softbrew coffee maker. Sowden Softbrew coffee maker.

Slow coffee with Sowden Softbrew

Slow koffie with the Sowden Softbrew coffee maker
Sowden Softbrew coffee maker
Filter Sowden Softbrew coffee maker


Making slow coffee with the Sowden Softbrew coffee maker!

Sowden is manufacturer of the Softbrew coffee maker. The Softbrew coffee maker is a complete manual system, consisting of a can, a metal micro-filter and a cover. The Sowden Softbrew coffee maker is available in three sizes: 0.8 liter, 1.3 liters and 1.8 liters.

The Softbrew is a sort of cafetière, but is actually operates a bit easier. You do not need to press down the filter as the coffee is permanently enclosed by the filter. The metal filter hangs to just above the bottom. Please remove the filter in time otherwise the coffee will become too strong.

Please also note that the coffee is always slightly turbid as the coffee from a cafetière. Use a less fineness of grind coffee than filter coffee.

Slow cofffee with the Sowden Softbrew coffee maker

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