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Coffee from Ecuador - Ecuadorian coffee - Andes - Galapogos Gigante Superior

Coffee from Ecuador

In Ecuador, both the Robusta and Arabica coffee beans are grown. In the Andes Montains you will find the highest arabica plantations in the world.

The early coffee harvest from the Andes are of very good quality, the coffee beans are heavy and large and are sold on the market as Galapagos and Gigante, no. 1 and Extra Superior. The coffee is well sold to the Nordic countries.

The coffee is not always of consistent quality because there are only small areas that are suitable for growing the Arabica coffee bean. So next to the Arabica bean a lot of Robusta coffee beans are grown. Be aware of that when you buy coffee from Ecuador.

Ecuador: in the Andes are grown the best coffee beans

Ecuador coffee